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Lei's Inside Scoop

Lei's Inside Scoop

"AlabamaBridal Members and Mobile Bridal Show Producers often add their own events to my listings so be sure to contact them prior to showing up in case there is a change in schedule - they don't always tell me! Also, I do recommend you not miss certain shows so look for an Inside Scoop area like this from me attached to the shows that I know something about! Have fun at these Mobile Bridal Events!" ~Lei

The Georgia Bridal Show and The Southern Bridal Show

Aug 28

Luxury DIY Wedding Centerpiece Workshop at Belk

6:00 PM

The Belk Store, Springdale Mall
3024 Springdale Mall Mobile
Mobile, Alabama
Web Site

Tickets: $6

The 1 Elegant Event Luxury Event Series Presents: Luxury DIY Wedding Centerpiece Workshop at The Belk Store Come have a ball and learn how to create easy luxury centerpieces for your wedding or party using your beautiful wedding registry items! Don't be one of those brides pressured to sell wedding decorations after your event, because you have no where to store them or no one to give them too! At this event, you'll have some great fun and learn how your existing or future Belk Store wedding registry items can glam up your reception/party table decor and be turned into beautiful luxury centerpieces. Only 1 Person in each bridal party or event group needs to pay, please inform us of how many is in your party at registration, Thank you!

Sep 25

Wine Tasting with the Experts!

6:00 PM

Forget Me Knot
4300 Midmost Dr, Mobile, AL 36609
Mobile, Alabama
Web Site

Tickets: $35 per person

The 1 Elegant Event Luxury Event Series Presents: Wine Tasting with the Experts! Are you in the process of choosing what wine you are having at your fabulous event? Don't feel like you have to be the expert when trying to pick what’s best to go with your glorious menu! There our thousands of wines to choose from, so don't be intimidated! Wine was created to be enjoyed, so come to 1 Elegant Event's Sommelier wine pairing social to learn a bit and enjoy a bit more! It's a fun way to find your food's "Mr Right" while you hangout with your "Mr Right", you never know you both might meet a few new friends in the process! This event is open to anyone who would like to attend! Please bring your ID to this event, over 21 event Purchase your tickets online below! Tickets must be pre purchased by midnight Wednesday September 24,2014 to attend, so that we can be prepared with appropriate amounts of hors d'oeuvre's and wine tastings